Cuba Cultural Trips

Now is the time to visit Cuba! Under the new rules issued by the US Department of Treasury on June 5, 2019, the People-to-People group educational travel category was eliminated. However, Backroads trips fall under the Support for the Cuban People general license category, meaning our trips remain legally licensed and we can continue to book guests and run our 2020 and beyond trips as scheduled. We’re one of the few US companies still running trips in Cuba, so if you’ve ever wanted to travel to Cuba, join us on a Backroads tour!

Though just 90 miles from the US mainland, Cuba—politically isolated and off-limits to Americans for decades—feels worlds away. Simultaneously frozen in time and yet rapidly changing in anticipation of a new era in the country’s political and social landscape, there’s no better time to experience this enigmatic island nation firsthand.

True to the Backroads form, we’ve created exceptional Biking and Multi-Adventure trip itineraries that tap into Cuba’s cultural pulse and that facilitate once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Over the course of a week, you’ll learn about the country’s culture and history through meaningful interactions with local community members. Experience the land from the perspective of farmers and naturalists. Feel the warmth and passion of the internationally renowned Cuban artists and musicians who invite us into a very personal view of their intriguing daily lives. And throughout your journey, engage with entrepreneurs, conservationists, students, educators and community leaders who are shaping Cuba’s fast-changing society.

Guest Quotes:
From Historic Havana to the rural provinces, every moment of this special Cuba tour is packed with memorable interactions with the local people…

My experience in Cuba allowed me to see the Cuban people of all ages in their day-to-day activities, cultural settings, exhibiting their many talents. I was so impressed with their open arms and hearts to our group. –Susan Ramming – Chapel Hill, NC

So glad you are offering cultural exchange trips to Cuba! Even though this wasn’t a typical Backroads trip (no biking, no intensive hiking), it absolutely felt 100% Backroads. Our Trip Leaders took us off the beaten path to discover a Cuba I never could have seen on my own—and I doubt I could have experienced with another tour company. –Rue Richey – New York, NY

Thank you for organizing Cuba. We knew from the start it would be different than the typical trip. Every day had a “gem” that was very special and felt like you were seeing and hearing something unique to Cuba. Loved all the insights and unique people we met; loved the trip! –Clayton Lewis – Seattle, WA

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