Las Terrazas – Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve

West of Havana, in rural Artemisa Province, Las Terrazas is an idyllic community, supported almost entirely by ecotourism. Founded in 1971, the village was first part of a massive government-sponsored reforestation project and later became touted as a model for rural self-sufficiency. Today the local economy is funded by a healthy tourism industry that is supported by an in-town hotel, as well as entrepreneurial resident artists, restaurateurs, and nature guides.

Nestled on terraced hills around a man-made lake in the Guaniguanico Mountain Range, Las Terrazas is part of the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere, which was created as a nature reserve by UNESCO in 1984. The 103-square-mile reserve is blanketed by secondary tropical forest and hosts a high concentration of flora and fauna, including over 800 types of plants and several endemic animal and bird species.

Exotic red flower in CubaLas Terrazas – Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve - Cuba Cultural TripsArtists studio in Las Terrazas – Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, Cuba

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