Legal Travel to Cuba

Backroads is licensed under the general license by the US Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control to operate Support for the Cuban People trips in Cuba. For this reason, we’re able to offer guests a rare opportunity to legally travel to Cuba.

Cuba People-to-People Educational Exchange

Backroads Guests on Cuba Exchange

A Cuban tourist visa (or Tourist Card), a passport and Cuban medical insurance are required for travel to this country. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond your entry date into Cuba, and must have at least two blank pages. You may purchase your Cuban tourist visa (or Tourist Card) from some airlines at the airport, online from some airlines or through other Cuban online service providers such as Cuba Travel Services (; 800-963-2822). The cost of your tourist visa can run between $20 and $110 depending on the airline or method of purchase. Backroads must receive a signed copy of your Certification of Travel to Cuba no later than 30 days prior to departure in order to facilitate our required trip documentation. (Note: Guests born in Cuba require a different visa process that can take much longer.)

Our Cuba Biking and Multi-Adventure Tours offer an in-depth, cultural-focused itinerary intended to enhance your understanding of and appreciation for Cuban art, music, and natural landscapes and interaction with the local people. Though physical activity may be less than other Backroads trips, we’ve incorporated biking, walking and hiking as much as possible into our itineraries to make them as active as we can while still satisfying the legal requirements.

The structure of our trips is based entirely upon interpersonal exchanges with Cubans, including musicians, organic farmers, entrepreneurs, artists, dancers, architects and other individuals who are passionate about sharing their country’s culture. We visit community projects, organic farms, artists’ workshops and other cultural points of interest. We gain insight into the Cuba of yesterday, today and tomorrow while sharing a dance or a meal with locals. And at the end of the trip, we’re confident you’ll be returning from Cuba with a deeper respect and understanding for the place and its people.

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