People-to-People Educational Exchange

Note: Although the new rules issued by the US Treasury on June 5, 2019 eliminates the category of People to People travel, since Backroads had our reservations prior to the new rules, will be able to book guests and run all our 2020 trips as scheduled. If you have ever wanted to travel to Cuba, now is the time to book. We’re one of the only U.S. companies that will be running trips in Cuba.

The Cuba People-to-People Educational Exchange offers an in-depth, academic-focused itinerary intended to enhance your understanding of and appreciation for Cuban culture. Though physical activity is limited, walking and some hiking has been incorporated whenever possible. Traveling to Cuba is a unique journey unlike any other.

Dancing in Cuba - Backroads Cuba People-to-People Educational ExchangeCuban artists at work - Dancing in Cuba - Backroads Cuba People-to-People Educational ExchangeBackroads guests meeting with Cuban artists - People-to-People Educational Exchange

The structure of the trip is based entirely upon interpersonal educational exchanges with Cubans, including musicians, organic farmers, entrepreneurs, artists, dancers, architects and other individuals who are passionate about sharing their country’s culture. We visit community projects, organic farms, artists’ workshops and other cultural points of interest. We gain insight into the Cuba of yesterday, today and tomorrow while sharing a dance or a meal with locals. And at the end of the end of the trip, we’re confident you’ll be returning from Cuba with a deeper respect and understanding for the place and its people.

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